Jacqui Lambie celebrates Senate win, switches to Palmer line on carbon tax

Successful Palmer United Party Senate candidate Jacqui Lambie in Burnie, Tasmania.Federal politics coveragePUP candidate claims Senate seat
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In the end, the result was in the hands of “the big man upstairs”, newly elected Palmer United senator Jacqui Lambie said. And by that, she didn’t mean Clive Palmer.

“No, no, not this time around,” Ms Lambie said, minutes after the Senate preferences distribution gave her the final Tasmanian seat.

“Once it gets to that point, it’s up to God upstairs. There’s not much else I can do about it.”

Ms Lambie, who came onto the national stage after the election with a promise to be tougher than Pauline Hanson, said she had shared the thrill of her win with sons Brenton, 22, and Dylan, 19.

“They said: ‘You bloody beauty’.”

The 42-year-old single mother squeezed past the Liberals’ Sally Chandler and the Sex Party’s Robbie Swan to win a seat in the new Senate next July.

Under mentoring from Mr Palmer, which she described as very open-ended, Ms Lambie is also learning about a united party voice.

Her initial support for some sort of carbon tax has been abandoned.

“Oh no, I just buggered that up,” she said. “I’ll be honest. On the day it was a little bit nerve-racking with all you media around me. But no. My carbon tax is the same as the Palmer United Party’s. Is that there’ll be no carbon tax.”

Ms Lambie also partly joined the PUP line with concerns about the Australian Electoral Commission.

“I think there needs to be some reform about,” she said. “But everything is very clean swept down here in Tasmania. I’ve had no issues whatsoever.”

The issue that did bring the former military policewoman alive as she stood in the lobby of the AEC in Hobart was treatment of war veterans and injured defence personnel.

With almost nine months to wait until she takes her seat in the Senate, Ms Lambie said she would be using the time to take their case up to the Abbott government.

“There’s nothing to stop us coming out with solutions now,” she said.

“I know the Liberal Party is very aware of my concerns when it comes to war veterans and injured defence personnel. So if they don’t come through with it I’m going to ask for a royal commission … on the management practices of Veterans Affairs. Because it’s way overdue.”

She put her eventual win down to major party disillusionment. It leaves the Liberals and Labor each returning two senators, and the Greens one from Tasmania.

“I think people have had enough, and they’re sick of the lies. Come out and tell the truth. if you cannot achieve something come out and tell people you cannot achieve them, and then swing back around and see if you can fix the problem.

“Walking around and not being held accountable for your decisions – that’s not good enough.”

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