Making a noise about their sound investment

How much noise should we put up with in strata?How much noise should we put up with in strata? Noise is part of normal life, but how much should we be prepared to tolerate, StrataLearner asks on the Forum. And how do you know if it’s a building defect?
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”I am living in a relatively new building and we are going through the defects process,” he says. ”What would be considered as normal noise in such a building?

”People are complaining of music coming through the double-brick walls into their apartment, people talking in the lobby outside, furniture being moved on the tiled terrace area, and other noises such as hammering, slamming of sliding doors, [and] children running and playing on the terrace area.

”Some of these would be expected, but others may be because of incomplete or shoddy workmanship.”

There are two aspects to noise in strata blocks: structural and behavioural. And even though the building standards for apartments can seem inadequate, they are usually sufficient if people remember they have neighbours above, below and to the side.

That means turning the bass down on the surround sound, leaving carpet on the floors (or using top-notch insulation under the timber), telling your kids to save their running for the park and not extending your dinner party into the lift lobby when you say goodbye.

Also, some people are much more sensitive to noise than others, so the right to ”peaceful enjoyment of your lot” is totally subjective.

However, there might be defective structural elements involved, and this can be determined only by an acoustic consultant. Even then you’ll have trouble arguing that inadequate sound insulation is a defect if the building is demonstrably compliant with building standards.

However, if it isn’t up to code, or if the promised level of sound insulation wasn’t delivered, you might have a case. There’s a lot more on this on the Forum.

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